Kumulus Now a NetApp Cloud Preferred Partner

Kumulus has just achieved the Cloud Preferred status with one of our most significant partnerships. NetApp has always been a foundation to the Kumulus Group solutions. Recognition by NetApp is both gratifying and motivating. Kumulus both trusts and leads with the NetApp Cloud Portfolio to help our customers “Mind-the-Gap” by providing holistic Data Lifecyle Management Solutions focused […]

Kumulus Now an AWS Select Tier Partner

Kumulus is pleased to announce its new status as an AWS Select Tier storage partner. This is a momentous occasion for Kumulus, who accomplished this in nearly record time! Congratulations to the entire team! This is an implicit acknowledgment of our collective expertise and accomplishment in the AWS domain and further strengthens our cloud first credentials […]

Kumulus Now a Spot Preferred Partner

Kumulus has been awarded the status Spot Preferred Partner in APAC. As a product, Spot is an integral element of Kumulus’ everyday operations, which is acknowledged by the awarding of this status. Kumulus remains committed to the Spot products and the personnel behind them. This is an implicit acknowledgment of our collective expertise and accomplishment in the […]

Kumulus now Net App Gold Partner

Due to Kumulus’ commitment to the excellent NetApp product line and initiatives, the company has been granted Gold Partner Status. We are legitimately pleased with this accomplishment and its rapid attainment. Our customer service first approach mandates that Kumulus is committed to the continued dedication of increasing our professional vendor competence and certification programs. We believe this […]

NetApp Partnership formalized

Kumulus is ecstatic to announce that we have been recognized as a NetApp partner. NetApp is the market leader in their field, and admittance into their partner program is an implicit endorsement of the Kumulus approach to Cloud excellence. Kumulus, its employees, and its partners should be pleased to be connected with NetApp’s forward-thinking products and professionals. We […]

Kumulus provides a solution for Squad

“Kumulus made it simple. They took the complex and expense out of our It operations and replaced it with an easy and controlled Hybrid cloud model.” Kelly Howard CEO Several solutions to increase company resilience and agility while eliminating costly investment cycles were considered. Eventually, a plan was developed to begin a cloud migration over […]