Kumulus Cloud Offerings

Kumulus helps customer Streamline, Scale and Secure their Cloud Infrastructure to meet the evolving needs of their team whilst helping SysOps, DevOps, and FinOps teams keep things running efficiently to drive cost out.

We specialise in the provision of Cloud Architecture and Cloud Optimisation services delivering appropriate solutions with effective ROI. We begin every new customer engagement with a Cloud Assessment to ensure we’re providing advice and solutions based on facts not assumptions. 


Cloud Assessments

The days of making decisions based on opinions are over. Before any recommendations are made Kumulus conducts a “current state data assessment” using the NetApp Cloud Insights tool with the data collection process taking 1-3 weeks depending on environment size. Once the data is collected, Kumulus looks to provide organisation’s with multiple recommendations providing quick wins with a fast ROI solely focused on removing cost and improving operational agility.


Cloud Architecture

Kumulus Cloud Architecture assessment is a relatively new service born from the ever increasing number of cloud providers in the market making it ever more challenging for organisations to deliver secure services in the cloud without being locked in. The assessment identifies areas to consolidate services, utilisation of containers and potentially deploy new software tools designed to provide seamless data movement in the same cloud or between cloud providers reducing cost and improving operational agility.


Cloud Optimisation

Kumulus Cloud Optimisation services removes cost and improves operational agility using hardware and cloud agnostic, software products from NetApp Cloud Software solutions. NetApp Cloud Software tools remove cost through seamless data movement or buying storage cheaper in real time via the SPOT tools (Eco, Elastigroup and Ocean) always with security at the front-of-mind. A prerequisite for Kumulus Cloud Optimisation is the Kumulus Cloud Assessment.


Cloud Data

Your data and files in the Cloud

We find many organisations today are failing to leverage the cost and time savings associated with automatically moving and managing data in the cloud. Kumulus Cloud Solutions focus on developing / augmenting hybrid, single or multi-cloud deployments with the aim of removing cost and improving operational agility. Kumulus relies on the hardware agnostic, software products from NetApp Cloud Software to develop data and file cloud solutions.


Cloud Desktop

Your desktop in the Cloud

In an age where security is critical and the costs associated with managing employee desktops is only increasing, Kumulus Virtual Desktop builds on other industry platforms and is more than 40% cheaper than the industry leader. Our desktop solution features rapid deployment, MFA capable and gigabit connection speeds to the end-user device and is integrated with NetApp Cloud Volumes Ontap to move data seamlessly between clouds or data tiers.


Cloud Infrastructure

Deployment and management of Cloud server workload

With the pace of change only increasing, many organisations have not had time to evaluate the extensive array of Cloud tools designed to make cloud deployment and workload management simple. Combined with many more choices available with cloud providers and data tiers available, organisations are becoming overwhelmed with how to start. Kumulus Infrastructure Solutions are designed to remove cost and improve operational agility based on seamless workload automation and scaling.


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