Kumulus Partners

Kumulus works with Cloud focused organisations with our primary vendor relationships being with NetApp, SPOT, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. Please click on the vendor logos above or scroll down to learn more about these key vendor partnershipsg.

As a NetApp Gold Partner, we deliver all of NetApp’s Cloud Software solutions including the Hyperscaler agnostic Cloud Volumes OnTAP  delivering across hybrid-cloud, cloud and multi-cloud infrastructures. Our cloud-first solutions predicated on Cloud Insights,  provide heterogenous monitoring and real time alerting, including ransomware, across Cloud and on-premise infrastructure. We focus on delivering secure and automated solutions associated with data movement, archiving, back-up, development and cloud consumption.

Visit here for more information on NetApp’s Cloud Solutions (cloud.netapp.com)

As the only Spot Preferred partner in ANZ and ASEAN we deliver industry leading auto scaling solutions across the AWS, Azure, and Google Public Clouds that ensure the best cost-performance available. Through the Spot Cloud Analyzer and CloudChecker tools we can drive Cloud cost and operational efficiencies out.  

Visit here for more information on Spot’s Cloud Solutions (spot.io)

As an Amazon AWS partner we assist our customers to leverage the scale and flexibility of the global AWS infrastructure. Coupled with the Spot by NetApp tools we are able to do so at the lowest possible cost.

As a certified Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider we help organisations to leverage the power of Azure’s hyperscale capabilities whilst balancing the relationship between Cloud cost, security, and performance. Couple with our Cloud Desktop & Infrastructure PaaS solutions we can right size Azure services to deliver reliable Cloud Infrastructure at the lowest possible cost. 

Our partnership with Google enables Kumulus to deliver effective multi-Cloud infrastructure that leverages native GCP services as well as the advanced NetApp Cloud Volume Services and Cloud Volumes OnTAP. For customers that already use the Google Apps platform this provides a tightly integrated Cloud Infrastructure with the flexibility of Multi-Cloud redundancy and DR.


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